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UCLA - Westwood Village Block Party

Originally tasked with designing the website as a nonprofit effort to support students that are challenged with housing while in school, however, the project evolved into a larger scale with a much greater draw as all new incoming students will be invited to participate in this event. Feel free to check out my work on this website in the link below.

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Sony DC Out to Mini XLR for Ikan Monitor

For Saddleback Church I was tasked with powering the camera monitors from the DC power out of the bback of the Broadcast cameras. Attached you will find my CAD drawing and pinout. To save time. Connect pin 4 of the Hirose to pin two of the mini XLR for ground and connect pin 1 of the Hirose to pin 1 of the mini XLR.

Something or CAD File

Stay 'n Touch

As a contractor, my work for Stay 'n Touch is protected under a NDA. The work included shematic consultation, developing, testing and documenting the product. For more information you can check out Stay 'n Touch at the link below.

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